Georgia Outdoor Painters at Edisto Island, South Carolina

Review by Carly Clements-Hardy

Seven of us rented two cabins at Edisto Island, South Carolina, April 15th thru the 19th, 2007. Each cabin had three bedrooms and a sofa bed, two full baths, and were located along the marsh with views of Scott Creek. The accomodations at the State Park couldn't have been nicer. The cabins were fully stocked with cookware, dishes, towels, bed linens and more! All we really needed was our change of clothes, food, and painting gear!  And if you need entertainment at night, there is television. Cabins were air-conditioned as well as heated in the winter!

There are great painting locations all over the island but you could just stay along the creek near the cabins and paint for days! The marshes glow in the sunlight and the creek rises and falls with the tide. We also painted near the beach where you'll find a grove of palms, accessible marshlands and sand dunes. One exploring trip took us into a tomato farm which was a real treat. We didn't get to paint there but the photographs will show you some of the workers and the northern tip of the island.

Tips if you plan a trip there....

Take your bicycle or rent from from the local bike shop. Trails in the park area are well-kept and give some great views across the marshes. From the cabin, it was about a mile to the beach along one of the paths, making it easy to see the sunrise ....if you're an early riser!

Take your own groceries but do stop at the farmer's mart on the highway before you get to Edisto. Excellent desserts, and local produce. Don't even think of passing on the "Key Lime Pie"!!

One of the best places to grab a deli sandwich was the local grocery store.

   Spring was a great time to visit since the cooler temperatures kept the bugs away!

Let us know if you visit Edisto for a painting adventure!

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